Took a walk around the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum today and took some more polaroids. Natural History Museum               47 seconds @ f180       ISO3200 Apollo 10 Command Module, 1969, Science Museum             2 minutes 10 seconds @ f180 […]

Took some pinhole images with a Polaroid back yesterday. Really love this film. Was really nervous taking the picture in the station, as my homemade camera looks a little bit like a very poorly assembled bomb held together with elastic bands. Victoria Tower Gardens          23/08/2016         2 secs@f180 […]

I was recently very fortunate to receive a Polaroid back for Mamiya  medium format camera’s. I decided to make a pinhole camera to fit it. Polaroid no longer makes film for this back, but you can buy Fuji FP100c colour film that works similarly. It is also possible to recover a negative from the other half […]

Since last year I have been unable to do E6 (slide) development in Cape Town. For the past year I have been storing my exposed transparency film in my fridge while trying to decide whether to post them off to Joburg or risk cross processing them. I eventually decided to cross process a test roll. […]

Some pinhole images shot on the weekend on expired Kodak Technical Pan (expired in 1987!) shot at EI 25 and developed in Caffenol CCL @ 19’C for 13 minutes. Love this film! Sculpture by Gordon Froud- Hermanus Seemingly Peaceful 2 by Jean Theron Louw – Hermanus Rocks in Hermanus    Greenhouse- Babylonstoren    Greenhouse- Babylonstoren

All 4×5 Ilford Ortho Plus developed in Caffenol CL semi stand for 60 minutes.The land is still scarred from a massive fire here in February. There is nothing left of the board walk and the rock is exfoliating in places. The heat must have been incredible.

Two images that I made for Worldwide Pinhole Day on 26 April. Both taken on 4×5 Ilford Ortho Plus developed in Caffenol CL semi stand for 60 minutes. Camels at Imhoff Farm near Cape Point. Ou Kaapse Weg The aftermath of the fire that happened in the first week of March 2015 in which 5000 hectares […]